ZUKUNFT is an eleven track electro-wave/dance album infused with hypnotic nostalgia, which throws back to nineties Detroit house music and the age of analogue synthesizers. Contemporary German house artist TESLA286 delves into the depths of the technical progressions over past decades. The techno driven album features early drum machines, loop samples and robotic, alienating voiceovers, illuminating the history of electronic music instead of the future.

Opening track ‘UMLAUFBAHN’ translates as ‘ORBIT’ centres on deep-space house electronica, simulating atmospheric soundscapes and sample-based synths. Title track ‘ZUKUNFT’ quietly and gradually builds before incorporating high-pitched synths and outer-space sound effects, giving an ambient yet eerie vibe.

‘METEORITE OVER PANKOW’ is an optimistic funk-inspired simple track, which features the mundane voice of a man conversing about the extinction of the human race. ‘TELEPATHIE’ opens with sound effects that resemble the unknown depths of space. The track closes the album with a strong use of electronic bass and transparent beats that date back to the late eighties.

The sci-fi soaked ZUKUNFT translates as ‘FUTURE’, and illuminates issues concerning the current generation from a technological angle. TESLA286 confronts the technical progress by looking back to when the future was promising.

Words by Lydia Hughes


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